Sunday, October 25, 2009

'Neath the cover of October skies

It's a marvelous night to update a blog. Since my last, I had applied for countless (ahem. 59 jobs), and wrote a plentiful number of cover letters to match. One job I didn't quite have to apply for was tour guide for a few family friends visiting California. It was almost unbelievable, how much I morphed into a banner for California Pride when put to the task of showing them around. (In the same vein, only after graduating from UCLA did I really wear the shirts, or hats, or what have you). Hm. I managed to discover a newfound love for Southern California.

Oh. And I did something that I had wanted to for a long while-- I rode the mechanical bull at Saddle Ranch!

In the middle of September I took a road trip with dear Alyssa up to the Northern parts of California, driving between cabbages and alfalfa, through garlic and turnips, and managed to be seduced by its breezes and slopes, lamb sliders, and tango steps in a cell space. I rediscovered an affection for Eggs Benedict, and shrieked driving up mountainous San Francisco streets. I can see myself living here.