Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On choosing.

Choosy Moms (and now amended to Dads) choose JIF. I couldn't even choose a font that I liked for this blog. I went through numerous templates for backgrounds. The blank box for the title of this post saw me frantically deleting permutations and combinations of letters. I came pretty close to breaking a cold sweat. Neurotic, I know. I'm the worst at restaurants.

But truly, this can be quite the opportunity to develop a fluency with my fingers, and cool water stream of 21 year old musings.

As for what's going on in the world:

A) After my initial stunned reaction to Michael Jackson's passing, I proceeded to spend a good amount of time on YouTube and iTunes listening to the songs and watching the videos which fed me in my good-music diet. Inclusive of the Jackson 5, I've decided that my favorite MJ songs are, (in no particular order)

The Love You Save, I Want You Back, Human Nature, Man in the Mirror, Remember the Time, P.Y.T., and Rock With You.

He gave the world at large such an unprecedented vocabulary for music and movement and performance. Incredible. Thanks MJ. I hope Neverland is full of splendor.

B) Being in Thousand Oaks is.. something else. I'm more than excited to go to Westminster Free Clinic for the first time in a while and just appreciate the quiet small miracles of medicine that happen on Wednesday nights. Nothing fancy, just people caring for and about people.

C) Spending time with my parents has been a riot. I think that our China trip together will really allow me new lenses with which to see them and study them, interacting. I went through my journal entries written in China four years ago after high school, and am itching to see what I'll write about after college.

It's easy as 1-2-3! (ABC, that is)

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