Thursday, October 7, 2010

Africa Part 7

In the quiet and hopeful mornings, I am writing a good deal, and polishing off books even more readily than strips of biltong. They present a grand opportunity to study humanity through other sets of eyes, and so I snatch it. I’ve finished the latest of Amy Tan’s novels, started into a Nigerian writer’s work, and shamelessly cried toward the end of A Lesson Before Dying. I’m turning into a recluse, so it seems. But it’s so easy to just curl up. The library here is actually really well stocked, and I’ve been voracious.Yummy.

In other yummy and exciting discoveries, there is a mulberry tree in our yard!! In the event that I’m feeling highly ambitious, I would try to make jam! But the more likely scenario is that I’ll pick them and pop them into my mouth. Fruit trees are wonderful.

I am already thinking of the next time I will come see Africa, perhaps to the east.

Here and everywhere else, people ask me, “How is Nanci?” I find that question at once refreshing and daunting to start to answer. I am having new adventures, plentiful everyday. I am seeing myself better, and clearer. I am singing and skipping in my heart, because of the energy and love that I am active participant in, and a witness of, and for that I feel exquisitely light.

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