Monday, August 2, 2010

Excuses, excuses.

I remember the word "hiatus" well, from studying for the SAT whilst in high school. My mnemonic for it? "Hi Atus!" Atus was a hick with a big old gap between his two front teeth. A gargantuan gap between January 22nd and August 2nd, certainly qualifies itself for this space between updates. I am a horrible blogger, but as one of my San Francisco tango buddies always assures me, "Baby, I can change!"

Although I have been more than assiduous at writing in my paper journal. After filling up the last one yesterday, I began a new notebook August 1st. It is my 11th, I discovered, after unearthing tomes from as early as 6th grade. It was a kick to note how my handwriting changed, my syntax, my tone.

But my love for cursive handwriting does not wane.

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