Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Morning, 3 AM

Wednesday 12/16
-What fantastic gushes of wind, whipping my hair as we trekked ac
ross the Brooklyn Bridge!
-We broke on through to the other side, to NY Chinatown. A dinner of duck and string beans, and soup, was not enough for us-- we had to have a picture with said poultry as well.

-The Nuyorican Poet's Cafe is always a source of small fires lit up in my belly, to write and expel, and shout out about eyelids, and static, curly hair and hearts of palms of hands outstretched. I just have to pick up my pen now and then, and stop getting in my own way.

-Passionfruit margarita, and Sparks with flowers in the forefront.
-Making a splash at Splash with some fine fellas.
-Recovering at 5AM with dirty rice, mac & cheese, and a screening of
Paris is Burning.

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