Sunday, December 13, 2009

New York State of Mind Dec 13-20, 2009

Bullet-points over Broadway, and 42nd St, and Herald Square, etc. (Kudos for catching the Woody Allen nod)

Sunday 12/13

-Sat next to an Orthodox rabbi on the flight-kosher bubblegum is delicious.
-After a bit of chatting, my eyes closed, and when I opened them, I saw Brooklyn.
-Golf courses look like splatterings of tawny paint on green canvas.
-Cemeteries are plentiful in BK- it's cheaper to be here, even in death.
-Welcomed into the city by a hilarious bus driver, drizzles of rain (which later became a large, fat downpour of rain), and an egg & cheese sandwich.
-After settling in at Dustin's, I decided to be a bit ear
ly to our date at the Jazz Standard.
-I was... 2 hours early, and since that was the case, I
-stepped into a bar by myself and sat there by myself for the firs
t time, but
-not for long. Made quick friends with the rambunctious neighbors and the bartender Steve.
It was just like Cheers. But not quite.
-Show itself was pretty impressive, though short. Pablo Ziegler and his pals played plays on Piazzolla, introducing an alto sax and electric guitar as two very new voices. But AP always lent very well to jazz, as it's extremely experimental and racy, even.
-Great first night ended with Dustin singing karaoke for the first time. :) You never forget your first.

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