Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Very few song lyrics of note with Tuesday..

Tuesday 12/15
-Slices of pizza and hellos to Miriam Arkin
-A new favorite place-- the market area in Grand Central.
-There's a certain place (47th between something and another) where the stores are filled with jewels, and streets are filled with Jews. I kid you not.
-Serendipitously strolling with Ryan Kasdin, to 30 Rock in the daytime.
-Incredibly ridiculously unbelievably (adverbfully) amazing chocolates.
-Delicious soup and sandwich from Wichcraft. (Exceedingly clever)
-Reading Laura with Michael as Jim, in the Glass Menagerie known as Pax Foods over tea. They call me Blue Roses.
-Judge Roy Bean, and almost leaving my cell phone in the bathroom. (Surprised? I'm not).
-Session 73, a four piece band, and an introduction to Balboa.
-Calves (Tyger tyger?) burning bright after a four minute song by that four piece band, after the introduction to Balboa.
-And Halal food-is divine.

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